Andrea Peyser Has The Wrong Idea About Feminism

Spiderman Meme

By Joshua Blake

New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, recently published an article defaming British actress Emma Watson’s U.N. speech on feminism earlier this month.

Ms. Peyser seems to have confused Ms. Watson’s words, claiming that the young actress is for equal rights and opportunities, while being against women’s responsibilities. Ms. Peyser says that she disagrees “vehemently, with modern…

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Dark World


Today, I want to share a poem I wrote. Maybe it can help those who feel lost – maybe someone somewhere will connect with this.

I’m Your Prisoner:

This madness is driving me crazy
Makes everything seem so hazy.
Break my skull with a hammer,
My voice cracks a silent stammer.

I must get out of this nightmare
Always see your sickening glare.
Take my wrist, break it, twist.
Hit me with your evil fist.

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me: i should get in the shower

*2 hours later someone else starts the shower*

me: o hmy god fuck you i was JUST about to get in there

(via queen-of-swedes)